Saturday, March 26, 2011

Back for another Ride

Last year, my stay in India was for 4.5 months. A few months after returning to the states (September 1) it was decided by my superiors that I should return. The sentiment of both the team I worked with here and the US person who was here at the same time was that I should return. I did not know that 1) I had made such an impression on the Indians that they would want to see my face again and 2) my leadership was such that it would be called back into action on the other side of the globe. I was under the impression after leaving that my work from Bangalore and rise of the India manager who I see as my equal was enough that the remaining of the project could be managed from Houston. Little did I know. Upon being informed of the request, I let them know that 2 months was going to be the extent of my stay in 2011 as other personal effects would require my attention back home during the year.

That being said, I arrived in Bangalore on Thursday March 3rd at 2:30 in the AM and did not reach the friendly confides of the abode until 4. Needless to say, its quite a journey just to get here. First impressions after being back for a little over 3 weeks having only been gone for a mere 6 months is that very little, if anything, has changed. The traffic is still the traffic. People are still selling fruits on the side of the roads. Men are still facing the walls on the side of the road to relieve themselves in broad daylight. Transexuals are still walking a certain intersection knocking on windows begging, no demanding, you give them a contribution. HBO still has commercials; James Bond is on Stars everyday, and Cricket consumes 3 of the 5 sports channels. Somethings have changed, and as far as I can tell, for the better. On my walk to one of my almost weekly eateries use to be a large refuge pile. Construction has now started on what will likely be a small store front with 1 or 2 apartments above. The elevated light rail Bangalore has been working on for quite some time is nearing completion of the first section (I'm guessing by the end of September although people have told me sooner). My team members who don't bring lunch to work now find a local hotel or restaurant to frequent instead of eating the worst of catered lunches, and Chili's no longer has chips and salsa. Wait, that last part is worse than before.

When I logged back in today, I realized that I had basically created a blog, posted 2 entries, and walked away from it upon returning home. I didn't really post much before I had left either. Maybe this time will be different. I plan on writing more about my everyday experiences as can be publicly communicated and diving further into some of my political interests. Bear with me, the opinions contained herein are mine and mine along unless otherwise stated. While my opinions at times may seem to be that of someone else's, it is my strong belief that the way these pieces will be written are of my own making and statements as quoted by or made by others included are there only for the express intention of giving support to my opinions. I fully understand that my opinions may differ from anyone or everyone; however, please keep the comments clean and reasonable. Differences of opinion must be allowed, and wrong opinions are allowable as long as reason can be used to combat them.